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How To Persuade People To Get What You Want

One powerful tool that you can use in your toolkit of persuasion and influence is the embedded command. An embedded command is likely the most popular, easiest to learn, hardest to detect (and therefore one of the most powerful) ways to influence others.

They do take some time to learn, but once you have them down, you’ll notice that you are using them in your everyday speech. When you combine an unconscious skill of embedded commands with a strong win/win intention or outcome, you can be a powerfully unstoppable and charismatic force.

It’s no secret that most people would rather rally around a strong, charismatic leader than step up the plate themselves. Humans are designed to follow on leader for every group of people. Many studies of psychology and sociology have been done that illustrate this simple point. If you’ve every been in a business meeting, you know that most people would happily submit to a powerful, authoritative leader than take responsibility for themselves.

When you develop the use of embedded commands, you will be tapping into peoples deep evolutionarily based need to follow directions, and become incredibly influential. And the great thing is that they are very simple to use and apply.

First, take a short sentence, which is in the imperative form. A short command. Some examples.

Eat sushi. Drink CC Lemon. Watch Television Add water. Buy my product. The structure is the first word is a verb in its basic present tense form. Then you have two or three words after it, that go along with the verb.

Next, you need to say them with the right tonality. Pretend you have your own personal robot. They will do everything you ask, and their feelings won’t get hurt. Say each of the above sentences with a slight downward tonality.

Ok? Ok. Next, take the above small snippets of speech, and put them into a larger sentence. This is where it gets tricky. You’ll need to say the command part a little bit different from the rest of the sentence. But make sure not to linger too long when you say the command, otherwise the people you are talking to will know that something is up. Pause just a little bit before the command, and a little bit afterwards, and then continue on with your sentence as if nothing happened.

This way, even if the person you are speaking with suspects something is up, by continuing on as if nothing happened, they’ll quickly forget their suspicions. Even if they notice something is up, they likely won’t know exactly what it is (other than maybe, you are talking funny, but this rarely happens.)

For example, let say you want to convince your girlfriend to eat sushi. You could try looking at her like Rasputin, and say EAT SUSHI! But she’ll likely think you are a nutcase. Or you could say something like this:

The other day, I was listening to this doctor on a radio talk show. He was discussing a study about people who eat sushi, and how they are healthier. He says that when you eat sushi, you get lots of good monounsaturated fats, and people that eat sushi on a regular basis tend to live longer. Hey, I’m getting kind of hungry by the way; do you want to get something to eat?

I remember when I was a kid; I went to some amusement park. In the amusement park they had this animal show, where they had a dog and a cat do a bunch of tricks. They had a sort of joke trick, where they would pull a kid out of the audience, and the trainer would tell him to whisper an article of clothing in the dog’s ear, and then he would go and get it.

Every time they kid would whisper women’s underwear, and the dog would come back with a bra, and you could hear a woman scream from backstage. They called me up on stage, and sure enough, I chose to whisper in the dog’s ear a woman’s bra. I thought it was my own choice to choose a woman’s bra, but my brother later explained what was up.

He would describe all the things I could choose, but he always used embedded commands (although at the time I had no idea what they were) when he mentioned to “choose a woman’s bra,” so inevitable, all the kids that went up on stage would choose that. And that was the only thing the dog was trained to go and get from back stage. It was a pretty good way to set up an easy trick.

These are great to use over the phone if you are in sales, or are talking to your girlfriend or boyfriend. They are particularly powerful if you start with a command that is easy to accept, and slowly lead to a more powerful command that you’d like your listener to perform.

For example

Become interested. Get curious. Get excited about this. Want this. Make a decision Get this. Buy this. Do this. Choose now. Be happy. Share with your friends.

Whatever it is you are talking about, if you start slow, and work your way up to a big finish, this can be very powerful. At first you’ll have to think these through before you deliver them, but after a while (with practice) you’ll be able to choose a destination and then automatically give people easy steps to get there by following your commands.

Of course, like any other powerful persuasion techniques, these should be used with caution. The quickest way to make a bad name for yourself is to convince somebody to commit money or emotions to something that isn’t in their best interests. The reasons powerful leaders are so powerful, and that people trust them is because they truly have the people’s interest at heart. You don’t have to look back through history to find reviled, hated and despised dictator that took advantage of their leadership.

When you use these ethically, they can be a lot of fun, and make a lot of people (including yourself) very happy.

How To Buy Used Military Clothing And Footwear

Many people think that to get high-quality military clothing and footwear, they have to buy brand new. However, by being a smart shopper you can find used military stuff thats in great condition. You can find used military coats, pants, shirts, shorts, hats, belts, boots, shoes, and backpacks that look new at low prices. However, before you buy, consider what purpose youre using the item for to make sure you get the right fit for your lifestyle and budget.

If yourebuying military shoes or clothes strictly for fashion purposes, you want the material to be lightweight and of course to look good. Used military clothing has become very popular among teens and young adults – it started as a trend back in the 80s, and has remained in-style ever since. Youll even see military-inspired clothing and footwear on the runways every season. By shopping for used army clothing and footwear, you can save a lot of money on back-to-school shopping, but you want to ensure that it will be comfortable. Also, check your schools dress code; some schools have banned camouflage or army-style outfits.

If youre buying used military gear for camping or hunting, it needs to be more functional. You might not care what colour it is, or if it will look good with your favourite pair of jeans. Military coats for camping and hunting should have a number of pockets to store items, and be able to stand up to a great deal of wear and tear. If youre using it for hunting, it also has to be camouflage in order to blend in with your surroundings. If youre camping or hunting in the fall or winter, youll want your gear to be heavy and thick; if its summertime, make sure you find breathable fabrics.

If youll be using military footwear or clothing for a sports activity like running or hiking, youll want an outfit that allows you plenty of room to move around in. Your gear also has to be comfortable for long periods of time while youre walking, running and moving around in the outdoors. For example, a heavy pair of combat boots may seem like a good idea, but they may hinder you. Look for used military pants or shorts that are lightweight and flexible and military hiking shoes. or boots for optimal comfort.

Shopping online and going to military surplus stores are the best ways to find used military items. You may find some at thrift stores, but they may not be in the best condition, and youll have to pick through racks and racks of clothing. If you buy military clothes or shoes at a specialty store or a department store, youll pay more for items you could find for less at an army and navy surplus store. It can also be hard to determine if military clothing and footwear such as used boots are authentic; they may be cheap knockoffs that will fall apart after a few months.

Short Stories From Guru Nanak’s Life (The First Sikh Guru)

NANAK AS THE CAREFREE SHEPHERD Guru Nanak did not take much interest in worldly affairs and was a man of few words. Seldom did He speak uselessly or indulge in frivolous chatter. Observing His detachment, His father was worried for His future and always tried to indulge Him in some activity to divulge His interest away from devotion and God, and make Him business minded or work oriented. With such an intention, He was handed the responsibility of looking after the grazing cattle. He loved the solitude of the afternoon and utilised this time in divine contemplation. Once it so happened, that some of His cows entered the fields of a ready crop and had a feast. The angry field owner launched a complaint to the village owner Rai Bular, urging him to have a look at his destroyed crop and get him compensated for the same. When Rai Bular came to the fields, they were lusher and greener than ever. The field owner looked with disbelief. The crop which earlier looked like the victim of a major storm now stood silently still, and any sign of any animal having broken into the field was nowhere to be found. The field owner remarked, “Mehta Ji’s son is a miraculous person and God has worked this miracle for Him.’ Rai Bular walked away thinking about the incredulous event.

SNAKE PROVIDES SHADE TO GURU NANAK On a hot summer afternoon Guru Nanak retired in the cool of a tree’s shade and fell asleep. As time passed, the sun moved taking the shade in a different direction, exposing His face to the scorching heat of a simmering summer afternoon Sun. A snake who happened to notice it, stopped by. It spread its hood over His face keeping the sun at bay. Incidentally Rai Bular, the village owner, happened to pass by in a tonga (Horse Cart). He ordered his men to stop the carriage and rushed to save Nanak, who he thought had been bitten by the snake. He could not believe his eyes when he saw the deadliest of reptiles, sitting in such close proximity to Guru Nanak, to provide Him shade. The snake whiskered away as he went close without causing any harm. Rai Bular was now convinced that Guru Nanak was an incarnation of God.


Guru Nanak’s father was very skeptical of His future and tried his best to get Him initiated into business. He gave Him twenty rupees to buy some merchandise which could be sold for a handsome profit. He asked Him to make a fair, a just and an ideal deal. Guru Nanak set off to a neighbouring village to make an honest deal. On the way, He encountered a group of Saints, who had not consumed a morsel of food for several days. He thought to Himself, that no deal in this world could be more profitable than serving the hungry. So He spent all His money to buy food and clothing for them and went home empty handed, yet satisfied and with a content soul. When His father came to know of the proceedings, he was so enraged that he did what he had never done previously in his life. He slapped Him for committing what he considered, a grave mistake. He was about to deliver another when sister Nanki requested her father to stop. When Rai Bular came to know that Mehta Kaloo Ji had slapped Nanak, He was very disappointed and rushed to see him. Rai Bular believed that He was a messenger of God. He could not tolerate anyone punishing or troubling his God. He requested Mehta Ji to forgive Him for anything He did and offered to pay for all material losses incurred due to any of His mistakes, on the condition that He be never scolded.


Guru Nanak’s sister was married to Jai Ram, a revenue officer under Daulat Khan, the Nawab of Sultanpur. He managed to get Him appointed as the incharge of Nawab’s provisional store. He worked in this job position for more than eleven years, but all through He remained absorbed in the colour of God. He was involved yet detached. He thus taught the world that you can work and remember God at the same time. He did not recommend taking recluse from normal life and to give up one’s responsibilities to chant God’s Name. He was a unique Saint who believed that family life and spiritual elevation could go hand in hand. As He counted the items while selling, sometimes He got stuck on thirteen. Thirteen, in punjabi, means ‘Tera’ or yours. He went on chanting ‘Tera’ endlessly, implying “All is thine God ! You give us everything” and floodgates of provisions would open up for the poor and the needy. He would keep distributing the provisions but the stocks never seemed to finish. The onlookers would complain to the Nawab that He was giving away a large portion of the stock for free. However, whenever accounting was done, surplus stocks were found. Little did they realise that He was the source of everything, and how could His stocks ever fall short. All accounting was in vain and the ashamed people slowly realised that it was futile to complain.

DISAPPEARANCE INTO VAI RIVER Nanak was twenty eight years old when He went mysteriously missing for about three days. There were rumours that He had drowned in the Vai river while taking a bath, carried away by its strong current. His sister Nanaki, however, was sure that the saviour of the world could not drown; and she was proved correct when three days hence Nanak returned. It is believed that Guru Nanak had disappeared into the heavenly abodes and returned with celestial powers. Soon after He announced to the world, “There is no Hindu or Muslim ! Everyone is a child of God.” He was now ‘Guru’ Nanak. Nawab Daulat Khan’s royal Priest however was very skeptical of Guru Nanak. He wanted Him to prove that He really believed in His words by accompanying them to the mosque and reciting the Nawaaz. Guru Nanak was born in a Hindu family and thus believed to be a Hindu by some people. He accompanied them to the mosque. While the Nawaab and his Qaazi (the Priest) recited the prayer, He stayed quiet. The Qaazi, for a while, thought that he had won the battle as He did not say the Nawaaz. He asked Nanak, “Why didn’t You say the prayer ?” Nanak replied, “What was the use of saying your prayer, when your mind was concentrated on and still thinking of the colt delivered by the mare back home.” The Qaazi was stunned, as the most intricate of the thoughts in his mind while saying the Nawaaz, had not only been read, but revealed in front of the Nawaab. The mare (female horse) back home had delivered a baby horse that day. The Qaazi had been thinking of it all through the Nawaaz. He stood trembling and ashamed of challenging the integrity of someone so pure and powerful. Nanak emphasized, “The form of prayer and the rituals are not important. It is essential though that one’s thoughts are concentrated on the divine when offering his prayers.” A few days, hence Nanak started on the real mission of His life, spreading His message by travelling across the world. His journeys are called ‘Udaasees’ and He made five major journeys in His earthly sojourn.

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Control and choice are what attracts customers to personalized shirts an old fashioned term for latest concept of customized clothes skilled to measurements and an individual taste. The benefits to customers, along with most important fitting is true worth in having a collection of hundred of various fabrics and styles at a time. It is an investment clothes that you are developing your own fashion statement. The bolts of fabric, style catalogue and swatches are amongst tools of tailor made trade in suits, shirts and sportswear. It depends on your choice for choosing collar, patterned lining silk, lapels and even pockets. Don’t forget the accessories-custom options flourish in belts, handmade shoes, neckwear, widths and colors, buckle preference and stitch details. The clients vary from those with precise desires to achieve them to those who desire to direct their choices. There are some conditions which every brands has to look after. Shirt’s makers introduce tailors who study and gather the knowledge from market, men who do different and personal thins to set the client separately. According to survey it is determined that very clients specially men loves custom apparel’s guarantee for fitting. If it comes to dress shirts and suits, what you will think to get clothes that make you look perfect? If you want to wear them on big business meeting or proper fitted tuxedo to enhance the importance of event, where would you get it? First you should look at your nearest place. Where picking the shirt or suits from racks is easy for you. But readymade clothes don’t guarantee that you would obtaining a perfect fitting. Actually if you have serious thought about buying high quality garments that can fit you perfectly, you will look for readymade clothes. But you need to buy custom clothes. In old centuries it was a tradition and still it is in practice in different parts of world; tailored is what you must move to if you really desire to have a perfect fitting, stylish clothing which truly describes men’s personality and helps customer to make the impressive style statement. Lets handle this situation, each men is different. There are dissimilarities in physical size. Furthermore, if it comes to clothes, every men have very precise preferences. Therefore why we always expect that one-size-fits-all a specific solution would work? Personalized tailoring is what you could count on whether you are finding tuxedo, formal or business dress shirts. custom dress shirts You would not only enjoy all happiness of comfort and perfect fit, but would also be able to customize according to your choice. Therefore, you can decide to add gold cufflinks set to it, cut and sew or have it according to a specific style. Custom-made tailoring is best kept secret of stylish men the world just about. However, it is not a question of feeling relaxed and comfortable all day-long. Custom apparel also supports men make feel a confident. Buying an elegant and quality dress shirt is not easier than ever before. Anyone can search great samples on internet. Reputable leaders in custom menswear provide tailored services for their customers. Learn more and then design a fashionable and unique design in shirt for special events. s.

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Not every common man can buy designer clothes because of their high prices and are stereotyped to be meant only for higher class people. But the thought has changed now, and the concept of ‘wholesale designer clothes’ and ‘designer replica clothes’ is ruling the market.

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