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Chinese And Japanese Ancient Clothing

The Chinese were always a fashionable race and Chinese ancient clothing was largely influenced by all the dynasties which ruled it. The Han Chinese clothing or the Hanfu has the longest history of clothes worn. The Hanfu rules of dressing were followed strictly as a mark of respect for the culture. On the other hand, ancient Japanese clothing kept changing with every dynasty that ruled Japan. Since the Kimono is a national dress, it has always been mistaken for very ancient clothing worn by the Japanese people which is incorrect.

The basic design of the Ancient Chinese clothing Hanfu was largely developed during the Shang Dynasty. The Shang had two basic styles the Yi which was the coat worn on top and the Shang whichwas the skirt worn beneath it. Buttons on any ancient Chinese clothing was substituted by a Sash. The clothing was in warm tones. The Zhou dynasty in western China varied in the sleeves being narrow as well as broad. The length of the skirt varied from knee length to the ankle and the different sizes and styles created a distinction between the people who wore them. Ancient Chinese clothing used minimal stitching on the garment and the use of embroidery and silk sashes to design the dresses.

Japanese ancient clothing was majorly influenced by Chinese clothing. Vigorous trade between Japan and its continental neighbors brought in Chinese dresses and styles into Japan during the Han Dynasty. The Tang styles and Sui dynasty from China influenced clothing in Japan while it was developing from a collection of loose clans to an Empire. All robes in Japan were to be worn from left to right just like the Chinese. Right to left was considered barbaric in China and the left over right became the conventional rule of wearing a Kimono ever since. During the Heian period (894 specifically), Chinese influence began dying out and Chinese characters began being abbreviated in Japanese script. The Heian court was taken to sensitivity of art and subtle beauty and wardrobe became much more detailed. Colors, combinations and fabric textures changed and separated themselves from Chinese influence.

After the Heian period, the Kamakura period saw a number of clashes and war clans within Japan. The ancient Japanese clothing soon underwent another change and now clothes became more functional. The number of layers and broad sleeved clothes were shunned for more usable clothing. Soon the imperial land split into a southern and northern court and these peoples lives got influenced by the soft court life. Fights resumed and the gradual decadence is obvious in the elaborate dresses of the period. Women had stopped wearing the Hakama and the robes were lengthened to ankle level. Veils and robes over the head were some strange ways experimented and worn during this time.

Japanese ancient clothing was mainly robes and most of the patterns and designs were religious and auspicious. Dragons were printed with nine yellow dragons and five cloud patterns. These heavily embroidered robes were won by the emperors and were auspicious for the wearer. The Cheongsam was another one piece dress adorned by ancient Chinese women. It had a high neck with a closed collar and short or medium sleeves. Buttoned on sides with a fitted waist, it had slits going up from the sides and complemented their figures.

Indie Clothing Online Store

What About Us is an online store for indie street fashion. The website is committed to providing exclusively quality and trendy fashion with a focus on indie clothes, streetwear and edgy city lifestyle. We offer a constant flow of fun and creative clothing to make your look come alive!

We aim to sell chic and design-led fashion to the young and innovative clientele. You will find every piece of our indie clothing fun, creative, yet very edgy and rebellious. We cherish non-mainstream style, right on spot with the unique and outlandish sense of style of modern urbanites.

Express your rebellious selves and hip sense of fashion through us!
Not only are quality apparels being offered, but also great variety of products ranging from indie clothing for women or womens wear, mens indie clothing or mens wear, accessories and jewelry.

Apart from product variety, the website has been serving great numbers of customers from all over the world, from America, Europe, Asia, to Oceania. Customer Service excellence has always been the core strength of our business and is well acknowledged by our customers.

We hope you enjoy shopping at our website as much as we enjoy making it!

What People Buzz About Us
Not the place known for ordinary street style fashion, Our indie clothing stores online prides itself in its exclusive and limited edition items launched at the website on a regular basis. Apart from the usual streetwear fashion, alternative and off-the-wall fashion items are to be found alongside.
Our past and present unique collections include Womens Boxers and Mens Skirts, a tribute to cross-dressing and gender-blurring style which is becoming more prevalent in contemporary fashion.

Loosen Up with the Harem Pants is another successful take on the seasonal iconic pants for both men and women. A well-loved collection of soft and slouchy harem pants in a variety of looks and functions; from sporty and laid-back to tailored and edgy.

Today, the generation of fashion accepts anything out-of-the box and innovatively different. And this is precisely the reason why is the place where distinctiveness and diversity are fashionably cherished.

Tips On How To Properly Store Clothing

When that closet becomes full and room for new clothes becomes sparse, a self storage unit may be just what you need to get the clothes you arent wearing, but still want to hold on to into a safe place. When putting clothing items into a self storage unit, it is important to take every precaution to protect your clothing from being damaged, whether by environmental variables or pests. Here is a list of things that will help keep your clothing looking and feeling new until the day you decide to take it back out of storage:

Clean all clothes thoroughly prior to storage. For long term storage, do not use starch or any other type of finishing product on the clothes as it will attract moths or other pests you dont want in your clothing.

The place where you store your clothes should be cool, dry, and dark. Sunlight, extreme heat and humidity can be damaging to clothing. Extra caution should be taken when storing clothing in areas of high heat and humidity, such as in a San Diego self storage unit.

Try not to leave clothing in storage for more than a year without inspecting its condition. If you are storing clothing for an extended amount of time, do routine checks every 8-12 months to make sure there is no mold or pest infestation.

Do not use vacuum sealed bags or airtight containers to store your clothes. This can promote the growth of mold. Clothing should have access to proper ventilation.

Cedar blocks are a great, all natural way to deter moths. These will offer protection for your clothes without the lingering smell of moth balls or other chemical pest control items.

When using hangers, use non-metallic hangers that wont rust. Cover all hangers with washed, non-bleached muslin fabric so the clothing has no direct contact with the hanger.

Be specific when labeling storage containers. Include the item type, the date it was stored, and any other important information particular to the clothing being stored.

Use a dehumidifier such as silica gel, (the same thing that comes with some food or medication containers) to prevent mold or mildew from forming. This is especially important when storing clothing in areas near the ocean with high humidity, such as a San Diego storage unit.

Each individual item should be separated by a sheet of acid free tissue paper. This will help to maintain the integrity of each item and prevent mildew or dye transfer between garments.

Finally, store fabrics with as few folds and creases as possible. Acid free tissue paper should be placed in between creases to prevent fiber breakage on fold lines.

Plus Size Clothing Fashion and its Affordable Prices

While choosing plus size dresses keep the shape and size of your body in mind to select a material that fits you and give a stylish look hiding the over-size body. Beauty of women is hidden in the way she dresses herself and is not in the shape of her body. While purchasing stylish plus size outfits choose a shop that can provide you comfortable dresses at affordable prices.

The plus size material demand for women has increased in the recent years and the recent news said that about 50% of the women choose small size dresses. The plus size clothing apparel industry gained $17 billion last year by selling clothes according to the ABC news.


According to the National Public Radio women in United States wear cloth of size 14 and they do not go for size 2 or 0 wore by the models in runway. About two-third of women in America are obese or overweight. New cloth lines are developed for women wearing clothes ranging from size 14 to 22.


According to the manufacturers plus size clothing materials are expensive and difficult to make when compared with smaller size dresses. Different production process, more materials are required to manufacture plus size materials. Some of the retail shops have pulled down plus size clothing shelves as it occupies more space when compared to regular size garments.


The plus size fashion spread out considerably in the recent years. In the year 1985 size 8 dresses were wore by average women whereas it increased to two-third in the present century.

Significance: The fashion market seems to grow at a rapid rate compared to the previous years due to the high demand for plus size clothing among women.


Plus size trend is followed by most of the popular designer companies as the brand is on high demand in the market. Leggings with tunics, empire waist blouse and skinny jeans work for the plus size fashion. Fashionable boots and belts are also included in the trendy items women purchase from the fashion market.

Affordable price:

While choosing plus size dresses keep the shape and size of your body in mind to select a material that fits you and give a stylish look hiding the over-size body. While purchasing stylish plus size outfits choose a shop that can provide you comfortable dresses at affordable prices.

Wearing a dress that suits you well can give confidence and an attractive look for your body. The way you dress and the cloth you choose decide on your looks as perfect matching clothes give you slender, stylish and graceful look. Plus size clothing material will be an apt choice for your body at a low price.

Beauty of women is hidden in the way she dresses herself and is not in the shape of her body. Even if you have beautiful figure clothing that does not suit your body will give you a clumsy and awkward look. A good sense of pattern, scale, color and idea about current fashion trend will help you choose garments that will give you an elegant appearance irrespective of the body shape and your age.

Many varieties of outfits, bottoms, jackets, tops and plus size fashionable garments are available in the present fashion market depending on your body shape and size. Browsing online fashion websites will give you a clear idea about the plus size dresses which fit your body regardless of your hefty figure.

Versace Clothing Reaching Even The Masses

A boutique opened in Milan in the year 1978 owned by Gianni Versace selling his own and other designs to clothing. Having a great sense of fashion, he stormed the fashioned industry his high-colour design, which gave impact on fashion trends and gave birth to clothes versace lables. His designs are well known for its bright colors and being sexy which eventually found its way in the market setting the trend slowly with his catsuits and miniskirts. The clothing versace created also made its way to the line of luxurious clothing directed towards the younger costumers.

The clothes versace made has wide-range of designs gave his product an appealing look to the masses with. There have been companies who have first mark there way into the designing world before Giannis work hit the masses we have Coco Chanel and Manolo Blahnik. While designing his clothing versace just focused on his unique flashy styles, leaving the mechanics part of how to implement those designs to his staff.

Clothes versace made are known to be vibrant and lively which made it ideal for the young crowds. His design are described as sexy and vulgar something that can be called as being expressive. This is surely quite the taste of the young generation nowadays. A trend that is vulgar in a unique and flashy way. It has always something to do with self expression. It is thought that the way you dress expression your personality. The choices of your clothes how you wear them, the accessories who include, all of these will surely let your personality show out and be known.

The Versace group is well known to be an organized group. There employees are carefully being selected and are properly grouped where they can certainly focus on the things that they are ought to do. All there employees have only one thing in mind, to dedicate themselves to the clothing versace style that their founder had established. The new personalities who mange the company after the death of Gianni Versace were good in handling there man power efficiently. Versace has always been producing products that are uniquely inclined with their label The Versace label.

The products of Versace cater all levels of needs targeting people from all walks of life. The clothing versace made are not only directed towards the rich or the professional. Surely they have products that will cater the need of professionals of a luxurious kind and style of suites and dresses. They have clothes for people who are comfortable in wearing casual attires. These are always available in stores and in a very affordable price that common people can purchase. This way, they still manage to reach out to the masses; giving them the capacity to buy clothes with fashion yet in an affordable price. We all know that those who are reach will always be a good target Market mainly because they have the capacity to buy luxurious clothes Versace are known of. But marketers all know that the masses should not be taken for granted because a large portion of our population belongs to the masses. This is the excellence of Versace, its extensive approach to marketing reaching all types of consumers in all walks of life.

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