Like many parents out there I am faced with an almost daily task of finding something for my daughter to wear that is the right size. And the way they size children’s clothing is baffling sometimes. Children grow over night, or so it seems, so fitting clothing to your child is a little more difficult than if you were doing it for yourself. Children’s clothing come in sizes that seem pretty confusing but with a little help can be managed. And don’t let the “sizes” dictate what age your child is: this is all guesswork. Let’s start off with a size many don’t have experience with. That would be the premature size. I have some experience with that; my oldest niece was premature. It is very hard to find clothes for premature babies in your local store, unless they specialize in that area. These babies generally take longer to get to the newborn sizes, but when they do, some seem to take off pretty fast. Next is newborn. This is pretty self-explanatory. Newborn clothing is generally birth to 3 months give or take. Much of this depends on how big the baby was at birth. My daughter spent about 6 weeks in newborn clothes. Most kids won’t spend a lot of time in this stage because they all grow so fast at first. Next is what I call the “you’re kidding me” size. 3-6 month clothing is typically easy to figure out. If your child is out of newborn clothes, 3-6 is your next step. These will probably be too big at first, but in no time they will fit perfectly. This will be the last time you will be able to claim this. Six to nine months is next. This is one of the sizes, in my experience, that kids will either linger in or skip altogether. I was lucky enough to go through this size in the winter. So all I had to have were some baby body suits, stretchy pants, socks and shoes. Nine to 12 months is supposed to come next, but I’ve spoken to several parents who had children not really fit into this sizing. They either skipped it or grew so fast it wasn’t worth buying clothes for. Still, it’s a size that kids go through; no matter how fast it may seem. 12-18 months is next and it’s the sizing nightmare for most parents. This is the size that kids stay in the longest it seems and trying to find outfits where both the top and bottoms fit just doesn’t happen often. Most of the time my daughter has worn an 18 month top with 12 month bottoms. Here’s hoping that this has cleared some of your confusion about the sizing used for children’s clothing. Just remember, that there is rarely a child born who follows these sizes exactly when the manufacturers say they are supposed to. Most likely you will have a child who skips one or more sizes. As a mom who has recently gone through most of these sizes, I have the knowledge you may need to help you find the perfect fit for the age and size your child is. And if you’re looking for good quality clothing that your little girl will love, check out for a wide selection of attention grabbing outfits.