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Cultural norms in Portugal to know

When visiting a foreign country like Portugal, it is considered good manners to follow their cultural and social rules of etiquette.

Portugal is a country rich in culture, and as such, there are certain rules to follow when it comes to cultural and social etiquette. While not compulsory, it is a sign of respect to follow the social norms prescribed by a country. These can be the way you dress, how you communicate, as well as the correct, respectful way to greet someone in a specific setting. If you are planning a trip to Portugal and want to ensure that you follow etiquette and follow their dress code, you can look at Opinioesja, a review website that allows you to read reviews of the best clothing companies to purchase your clothes from.

Portugal’s Cultural Norms

Let’s look at the most important etiquette rules to follow in Portugal. The people in Portugal are very fashion-conscious people who exhibit pride in the way they dress, communicate, and greet each other respectfully. If you would like to know more about Portuguese fashion must-haves as well as where to buy them, you might be interested in Berry Look, an online clothing shop with the latest trends. By clicking on the link, you can read reviews, complaints and recommendations from people who have purchased goods online.

It Starts with Hello

The first and possibly most important rule is how to greet people respectfully. When greeting someone in a formal setting, it is customary to shake hands with everyone, that being men, women and older children. This should be accompanied by direct eye contact and should be repeated when departing. Greeting a friend or acquaintance is done as a hug with a pat on the back between men, and a kiss on both cheeks (starting with the right) between women. Women only shake hands on very special occasions and when they don’t know the other person at all.

Kindness Goes a Long Way

Portuguese people are very direct in how they communicate but will be polite in the way they interact with you. While they tend to speak fast and somewhat loudly, this show of emotion does not show anger or displeasure. On the topic of interactions, personal space is an important thing to consider when speaking to a Portuguese local. Standing an arm’s length apart from the other person is polite but does not apply when in a social setting with friends and family. It is not unusual to see couples hugging and kissing, but anything more could be seen as an excessive public display of affection and should be kept for the home or in a private setting.

Dress For the Occasion

The last thing that is good etiquette is how you dress when visiting the country. It is customary to dress conservatively, with women wearing dresses and skirts while men wear a jacket and tie. The people of Portugal take great pride in their dress, believing that the clothing they wear dictates social standings and personal success. It is considered respectful to dress to match the conservative nature of the country’s people.

What Can We Learn From A German Lifestyle

Germany, whose capital is Berlin, is a Western European country and it’s the second-most populous country in Europe. It is a good country to live in, it attracts tourists from all over the world. There are a lot of things to learn from a German lifestyle. Learning from a German lifestyle means experiencing how it feels to live in Germany.

There are many companies that you can patronize in Germany. Like every other country and niche, some companies will always be better than the others. You can always read reviews about any company you want to patronize in Germany on to know if they are the best company to patronize for the product or service you need or not. For example, if you want to engage in watersports, you can easily read about Skinfox to see what their products are as well as how reliable other people in Germany have adjudged their products and services to be, before patronizing them.

The German culture

As it is known that culture is the way of life of a group of people, the people, language, custom and tradition are what makes the German culture outstanding. The German culture has its roots at the beginning of the first millennium. German culture has held a key role in the history of Europe. Germany’s culture is also influenced by its major industries such as automobile manufacturing, metal products, electrical appliances and so on. Do you know that English call it German and Germans call it Deutschland? Germany is the country of thinkers and poets.

The German Language

Did you know that over 95% of the residents of Germany speak the German language. The German language (Deutsch) is a West Germanic language and it is mostly spoken in central Europe, it is most widely spoken in Germany, Austria Switzerland and the Italian province of South Tyrol but other languages such as Frisian, Danish, Sorbian, Turkish, Kurdish, Polish, Russian, and Balkan languages are also spoken.

The German language had been in existence since after the 6th century. German is the native language of more than 90 million speakers and is widely studied as a foreign language. Learning how to speak and write in German can be useful in everyday communication.

The German Literature

Literature in the German culture dates back to the Middle Ages with authors such as Wolfram von Eschenbach. The fairy tales of the Brothers Grimm date back to the 1800s in Germany. As a result of publishing around 94,000 new books each year, the German publishers had made an impact in making Germany one of the leading nations when it comes to reading. Did you know that the first known book and the ever known magazine was printed in German? Germany believes that readers and leaders. Developing a good reading habit is worth copying into one’s lifestyle.

The German Sport

In the history of the sport, especially football, the German National Football Team remains one of the strongest football team in the world. They are globally recognised for their outstanding performances amongst other countries. So far, they have won four World Cups in total (1954, 1974, 1990, 2017). They have a football league called German Bundesliga which attracts the second-highest attendance than any other professional football league in the world.

The German Celebrations

Germans are known to be bureaucratic because they have various ways of celebrating and enjoying life. Oktoberfest is a celebration that begins in mid-September every year In Munich. It is a worldwide known event as tourists travel to the festival to enjoy the celebration annually. It is also celebrated in other countries.

Skiing vs. Snowboarding, which is safest

Skiing or snowboarding? It is the dilemma of those on the Norske Anmeldelser who want to start winter sports. The rivalry between skiing and snowboarding is recognized on the slope, in the cold season. For those who are now in the snow for the first time wanting to start such a winter sport, it is important to know some advantages and disadvantages of these activities, and we will talk about them today.

Ease of learning

Skiers have a saying, namely that learning to ski is easy, it is more difficult to master this sport. In contrast, it is said that snowboarding is more difficult to learn but easier to master.


According to those who have already tried this sport, it has fast learning, representing a natural way of transporting over the snow, because it is very similar to walking. After you learn how to brake and make curves or bypass obstacles you can venture to higher parts, as long as the descent angle is not steep. It is not safe to go towards them until you have managed to control the turns by pivoting your legs while your body is in an upright position, forward.



Anyone who has tried such equipment at least once will tell you that the first races result in multiple falls and even bruises, learning is preferable to do when the snow is softer. Getting used to the essential movements can take several good days, unlike skiing, which only takes you two to three days. Also, you may feel discouraged by the fact that it will take you a few good minutes to descend a slope that you “conquered” with skis in just 2-3 minutes.

Especially when you have no experience on a board (skateboard, longboard, penny board, etc.) you will feel very constrained when both feet are fixed on a thin surface. But after you learn to get around, slow down and keep your balance in this position, everything becomes easier.


If, in general, you will not lack protective clothing against cold and humidity, there are some big differences in terms of equipment needed for each winter sport. The best winter sports equipment can be found on Hygge . A big difference is made between the boots, which are much more comfortable in the case of those compatible with snowboarding, as reported by those who have tried both options.

Then, when climbing or transporting, it will be easier with a snowboard than with two skis and poles. On top of that, you look much cooler with the underarm board in the parking lot, but with the ski lift, it is necessary, at least at the beginning, to take out a keyboard.

The appearance of accidents

As it is a winter sport, accidents cannot be forgotten, because snow and ice can immediately become the adventurer’s enemies.

Unfortunately, skiers are sensitive to ligament tears, one of the most common types of accidents that occur on the piste. And, if there are collisions with other “traffic participants” on or off the track or there is an obstacle (tree, boulder, etc.), there may be injuries to the head and upper part.

In the case of snowboard enthusiasts, the feet are safer, the risk of sprains being relatively low, although common. Instead, more common will be the ruptures of the arms, coccyx, or collarbone, caused by falling on the snow at speed.

What’s more fun

This aspect is subjective because each person has their preferences and their degree of comfort desired on the slope. Both sports are exciting, challenging, and frustrating at the same time. At the same time, it all depends on your condition and what you want to do on the slope the day you are there.

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