When a woman is pregnant and breastfeeding it is of the utmost importance that she has clothes that are geared for her unique needs. Whether it is maternity jeans that fit her growing belly or breastfeeding clothes that are conducive to feeding an infant, there are specific items a mother needs for maximum convenience, comfort and modesty.

Maternity jeans allow expectant mothers to be comfortable and stylish in every stage of pregnancy. The most common type of maternity jeans is the full panel. They appear just like regular jeans, but instead of the traditional zipper and button closure, these jeans have a stretchy material in place. The stretchy material extends over the belly for increased comfort and support. While most women do not have a need for maternity jeans until later in their second trimester, some manufacturers have designed the jeans to expand as the belly grows with adjustable straps at the waist. Though designed specifically for accommodating a growing womb, these jeans are available in many different washes, styles and fit to accommodate each mother’s tastes and preferences.

Breastfeeding clothes that are comfortable and modest are ideal when nursing a newborn or infant. The most important items are a nursing bra that fits well and that allows easy accessibility and coverage. After birth, the bra size will increase 1 to 2 cup sizes. While most women would be tempted to purchase a nursing bra before giving birth, it is advised to wait until the milk has come in to ensure a proper fit and functionality. Always try on a nursing bra before making a purchase. An ill-fitting bra can lead to a clogged duct, breast pain or mastitis in women who are breastfeeding.

Breastfeeding clothes can be found in many fashionable and updated styles. Often times, clothes designed for breastfeeding mothers look just as trendy as regular clothes. Nursing shirts are a key component to a functional wardrobe for a nursing mother. Women want to look fashionable, not frumpy, while being able to nurse their baby when the need arises. Breastfeeding clothes are available in a wide array of styles. From tank top to v-neck t-shirt, nursing shirts meld effortlessly into a mother’s hectic life.

For new moms and mothers-to-be, quality clothing that suits their specialized needs and allows them to care for their babies to the best of their ability is of invaluable importance. With the ease of use and comfort they provide, they are a priceless asset to mothers and babies alike.

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