Soup is that kind of food people across the world knows. It is that bowl of tasteful liquid with many contents, as many as the colour and nutrition. Soup is that very special kind of food that brings its place of origin signature and uniqueness with it. So, when you are staring at a bowl of soup, you pretty much are staring at one place’ uniqueness and tradition. It is trough their local vegetables that can only be planted there and no other place in this world can, it is trough their traditionally heritage recipe that preserves from generation to generation, it is trough their very signature spices and way of plating and serving that you will not get at other place in this world, with all the things in between.


We may have known many fast soups, but slow soup is one to try. Slow soup is that soup recipe that would take longer in the making. To make this soup, you should spare more of your time, compared to those duration you usually spare to make those fast soup. Since, slow soup is not that kind of soup that uses instant ingredients as you need to peel the shallot, grind the chilly and other traditional way of cooking. But, it is really for more process, more tasteful. One slow soup recipe you should try is Indonesian traditional beef soup. This is a beef soup recipe easy, since one you have all the spices ready, all you should do is to mix it in the boiling clay pot.


Wait for that heavenly appetizing smell and prepare for your serving bowl. Indonesian soup tastes much better if it served hot, fresh from the boiling clay pot. Sprinkle it with chilli powder or pepper and you will enjoy a very great bowl of soup.