Creativity is the only limit when it comes to using custom printed clothing. Its adaptability make it beyond compare for almost any job, be it as part of a business’ marketing drive for exposure, or even simply at a hen do or stag do for fun.

Here we give 5 perks of using custom printed clothing into your plan:

Whether it’s a wild array of nicknames on a girl’s night out or a corporate logo, printed clothing clearly defines members as being part of a greater group, and can create a sense of belonging. In the workplace this is helpful for customers to identify employees when they need advice. This can be particularly helpful at large events where hundreds of people would be present, and the need for staff to stand out is predominant.

The most apparent reason for purchasing printed clothing is to improve a company’s brand public prominence. This is a broadly used form of marketing and is employed on everything from event stands, customer facing till staff and music events. Incorporating the company’s colours, logo and contact details can all help to increase exposure and even produce leads. Of course, it is also valuable to ensure those employees wearing the clothing also reflect the company’s brand values.

It is also believed employees who wear company uniforms or clothing can encourage employees to represent oneself accordingly in their working role as they are clearly defined as a representative of the company and therefore a portrait of its values and service. Staff are also wearier of the repercussions of their conduct.

If you have a healthy, socially attractive brand, then printed clothing can also be a means of earnings. The selling of merchandise is a vast industry in its own right, but this can also be used by smaller organizations that have a particularly loyal following.

Having uniforms or coherent clothing on employees makes your staff, establishment and brand all look much more professional and genuine. This can influence trust in customers and potential customers alike that you are a business which invests within and cares about how it is perceived. Just bear in mind the difference between an office cleaner that turns up in jeans and a t-shirt in comparison to one that arrives in a coherent company uniform – there is an feeling of trust just in seeing this uniform.

A wonderful use of branded clothing is that of Pixar, the Academy Award winning animation studio that developed a succession of character based t-shirts for those who worked on their films. Just have a look at the designs they made for the departments who worked on their recent blockbuster, Toy Story 3.

These crew t-shirts which have been designed for all of the various departments who worked on the creation of the film, are a brilliant example of just how a company can and should employ custom printed clothing as a route of promoting their business.