Most of us go to great lengths to protect our clothing. We wash different colors in separate loads. We carefully follow dry cleaning instructions. We run for the stain remover or the sewing kit the moment something happens. Depending on what you do for a living, however, you may be putting your clothing in more danger than you think. Fortunately, there is a solution to the problem. Magnets are quickly becoming one of the most popular items used to prevent clothing damage. Here are three ways that you can use magnets to prevent clothing damage.

Name tags are one of the most deadly work accessories when it comes to clothing. Their fastener pins may seem tiny, but they have a tendency to tear holes and fray the edges of clothing. To make matters worse, many situations that require name tags also require you to wear your nicest clothes. If you are attending a conference or giving a speech, you could easily ruin your best outfit with the name tag pin. You can easily avoid this problem, however, by using a name tag fastened with magnets. A magnetic name tag is simple in design. The back of the tag is fitted with one magnet and its mate is set inside your lapel or shirt. The powerful rare earth magnets keep the name tag in place without destroying your clothing like pins and clips.

If you are a tailor, or if you frequently have your clothing tailored, you have probably become accustomed to the row of tiny pin holes that mysteriously appear after a fitting. Of course, their appearance is not so mysterious after all. Tailors use pins to hold seams and alterations in place as they are fitting a garment. Tailors that use magnets, however, do not experience the same clothing damage. Tailors can hold tapered clothing in place without piercing the fabric, with the use of powerful rare earth magnets. These magnets are capable of holding the fabric even when it is hanging vertically on a manikin or on the body of the person being fitted.

Even if you never wear a name tag and you never set foot in a tailor’s studio, you have probably experienced the tearing and stretching that can happen around button holes, zipper pulls, ties and other standard types of fasteners. By using magnets, however, you can easily avoid this type of damage. There is no more fussing with buttons or ties that can rip and fall off, powerful rare earth magnets will secure clothing without adding unnecessary strain to the fabric. Never again will you pull to tighten the fabric so hard that you tear a hole in it.

As you can see, magnets can be easily applied to the world of fashion. By using magnets in a number of situation, you will ensure that your clothing stays in its best condition. Rare earth magnets are the new wave of fashion convenience.