Skiing or snowboarding? It is the dilemma of those on the Norske Anmeldelser who want to start winter sports. The rivalry between skiing and snowboarding is recognized on the slope, in the cold season. For those who are now in the snow for the first time wanting to start such a winter sport, it is important to know some advantages and disadvantages of these activities, and we will talk about them today.

Ease of learning

Skiers have a saying, namely that learning to ski is easy, it is more difficult to master this sport. In contrast, it is said that snowboarding is more difficult to learn but easier to master.


According to those who have already tried this sport, it has fast learning, representing a natural way of transporting over the snow, because it is very similar to walking. After you learn how to brake and make curves or bypass obstacles you can venture to higher parts, as long as the descent angle is not steep. It is not safe to go towards them until you have managed to control the turns by pivoting your legs while your body is in an upright position, forward.



Anyone who has tried such equipment at least once will tell you that the first races result in multiple falls and even bruises, learning is preferable to do when the snow is softer. Getting used to the essential movements can take several good days, unlike skiing, which only takes you two to three days. Also, you may feel discouraged by the fact that it will take you a few good minutes to descend a slope that you “conquered” with skis in just 2-3 minutes.

Especially when you have no experience on a board (skateboard, longboard, penny board, etc.) you will feel very constrained when both feet are fixed on a thin surface. But after you learn to get around, slow down and keep your balance in this position, everything becomes easier.


If, in general, you will not lack protective clothing against cold and humidity, there are some big differences in terms of equipment needed for each winter sport. The best winter sports equipment can be found on Hygge . A big difference is made between the boots, which are much more comfortable in the case of those compatible with snowboarding, as reported by those who have tried both options.

Then, when climbing or transporting, it will be easier with a snowboard than with two skis and poles. On top of that, you look much cooler with the underarm board in the parking lot, but with the ski lift, it is necessary, at least at the beginning, to take out a keyboard.

The appearance of accidents

As it is a winter sport, accidents cannot be forgotten, because snow and ice can immediately become the adventurer’s enemies.

Unfortunately, skiers are sensitive to ligament tears, one of the most common types of accidents that occur on the piste. And, if there are collisions with other “traffic participants” on or off the track or there is an obstacle (tree, boulder, etc.), there may be injuries to the head and upper part.

In the case of snowboard enthusiasts, the feet are safer, the risk of sprains being relatively low, although common. Instead, more common will be the ruptures of the arms, coccyx, or collarbone, caused by falling on the snow at speed.

What’s more fun

This aspect is subjective because each person has their preferences and their degree of comfort desired on the slope. Both sports are exciting, challenging, and frustrating at the same time. At the same time, it all depends on your condition and what you want to do on the slope the day you are there.