Germany, whose capital is Berlin, is a Western European country and it’s the second-most populous country in Europe. It is a good country to live in, it attracts tourists from all over the world. There are a lot of things to learn from a German lifestyle. Learning from a German lifestyle means experiencing how it feels to live in Germany.

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The German culture

As it is known that culture is the way of life of a group of people, the people, language, custom and tradition are what makes the German culture outstanding. The German culture has its roots at the beginning of the first millennium. German culture has held a key role in the history of Europe. Germany’s culture is also influenced by its major industries such as automobile manufacturing, metal products, electrical appliances and so on. Do you know that English call it German and Germans call it Deutschland? Germany is the country of thinkers and poets.

The German Language

Did you know that over 95% of the residents of Germany speak the German language. The German language (Deutsch) is a West Germanic language and it is mostly spoken in central Europe, it is most widely spoken in Germany, Austria Switzerland and the Italian province of South Tyrol but other languages such as Frisian, Danish, Sorbian, Turkish, Kurdish, Polish, Russian, and Balkan languages are also spoken.

The German language had been in existence since after the 6th century. German is the native language of more than 90 million speakers and is widely studied as a foreign language. Learning how to speak and write in German can be useful in everyday communication.

The German Literature

Literature in the German culture dates back to the Middle Ages with authors such as Wolfram von Eschenbach. The fairy tales of the Brothers Grimm date back to the 1800s in Germany. As a result of publishing around 94,000 new books each year, the German publishers had made an impact in making Germany one of the leading nations when it comes to reading. Did you know that the first known book and the ever known magazine was printed in German? Germany believes that readers and leaders. Developing a good reading habit is worth copying into one’s lifestyle.

The German Sport

In the history of the sport, especially football, the German National Football Team remains one of the strongest football team in the world. They are globally recognised for their outstanding performances amongst other countries. So far, they have won four World Cups in total (1954, 1974, 1990, 2017). They have a football league called German Bundesliga which attracts the second-highest attendance than any other professional football league in the world.

The German Celebrations

Germans are known to be bureaucratic because they have various ways of celebrating and enjoying life. Oktoberfest is a celebration that begins in mid-September every year In Munich. It is a worldwide known event as tourists travel to the festival to enjoy the celebration annually. It is also celebrated in other countries.