There is no denying that France has shaped and defined what fashion and style truly is. Revenue collected from fashion industries in France contributes to a very large per cent of the National GDP.

The industry has provided jobs for many people and opportunities for others to start their own business in the same line.

Some fashion retailers have used the opportunity and chosen to sell a wide variety of fashion products from different brands to make it a one-stop shop for easy accessibility.

As of 2018, there was about 25,000 clothing stores in France. Of course, some prime designers don’t need any introduction.

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Tag along as we explore some of the top fashion events in France.

1. Paris Fashion Week

The Paris fashion week is one of the most celebrated international fashion events. Biggest fashion event in France.

It attracts thousands of celebrities, fashion icons and designers.

The event is set to happen twice every year after the Milan fashion week. It is organised by the French fashion Federation.

Top designers, fashion houses and brand names get to display their latest collections.

The period for the event is approximately one week and in that period over 100 shows are hosted. The venue of the event is Carrousel du Louvre.

The event occurring between February and March showcases autumn and winter collections from different brands while the event that happens between September and October is set to display spring and summer outfits.

2. Who’s Next

Another leading fashion event in France is the Who’s Next fashion trade show.

The event is set to happen twice every year and the venue is Porte de Versailles, Paris. The organiser of the fashion show is Who company.

The Who’s Next fashion event has over 1300 brands from France and International markets as well, with visitors being over 45,000.

The event is purposely for commercials where retailers can purchase the displaying collections.

On display are ready to wear clothes, accessories and statement pieces.

3. Made In France

Made in France fashion event showcases fashion products from different brands in France.

It is set to happen once every year. The event is attended by both professional fashion designers as well as people wishing to buy fashion items from French brands.

Made in France is the ultimate fashion event that is meant to promote the image of textile and clothing manufactured in France.

Both local and well-recognized fashion brands in France get to exhibit their designs and accessories in the market. It is the perfect event to network small fashion brands to the current market.

The area of focus in the exhibit is on; Knitters, manufacturers, finishers, accessories, components and new creative technology.

4. Africa Fashion week Paris

The event is an annual fashion show displaying fashionable designs from African designers. The organiser of the event is the Adiree Fashion agency and the event was founded by Adiat Disu.

The event was first held in 2009 and has been recurring each year since then.

The main theme is the African fashion industry. The event features 5 events; the  AFW master class series (of the runaways), AFW panels, AFW runway shows and presentations, AFW Pop Up Shows, and the AFW mixers.

What makes the event outstanding is that not only does it feature in Paris, but major international cities as well.

The event happens annually in the cities of; London, Milan, Tokyo, Berlin, Paris and their largest being in New York.

The event is by far the largest in terms of representation of Africa in the Fashion industry.

5. Bijorca

Finally, the last international event in Paris is the Bijorhca Paris (International fine, fashion jewellery & watches show. )

The major focus of the event is on accessories from over 500 designers. On showcase are fine fashion jewellery made from gold, diamond and all sorts of fine materials.

The tradeshow attracts thousands of retailers from all over the world.


Other fashion events held in France include Lyon fashion week, Marseilles fashion week, Nantes fashion week, Toulouse fashion week and Saint-Tropez fashion week.