Broad shoulders, how do you gauge it? Most people said, if your shoulders are wider than your hips, you have a broad shoulders. Is it true? No, I don’t think so. Some lady’s shoulders look broader because they have a smaller waist and hip hence their body shapes look like an inverted triangle which makes their shoulder look broader.

Broad shoulders are actually beautiful, as long as you don’t have that bulking muscles like swimmer or body builder’s shoulder. Look at those fashion models, they need that broad shoulders to carries lots of beautiful clothes. They look so beautiful and sexy when wearing off-the-shoulder tops showing off their shoulders, their collarbone and neck area.

For those who have thick bulky swimmer or body builder’s shoulder, the main goal is to create a visual balance between your wide upper body and narrow lower body. You simply need to choose clothing that helps make your shoulders look proportional to the rest of your figure, make your broad shoulders look attractive and showcase femininity. You also need to shift the emphasis from your shoulders to the more flattering body parts.

The perfect shoulders line counterbalances the hips and produces a balance body shape so select the best flattering sleeve, collar, neckline, color, fabrics, details and accessories to help balance your body shape. Learn to love your body, your confidence will emerge and your inner beauty will shine.


avoid neckline that is wide and shallow which gives a horizontally broadening effect such as Boat neck, Sabrina neckline, Sweetheart neckline, a wide “V” neckline, wide Scoop neckline, Crew neck and so on. Choose those necklines that are narrow and plunging like narrow deep V or U shape. Because it is narrow and deep, it will draw the eye inwards and downplay your shoulders.

if you love strapped dresses or tops, go for thin spaghetti straps, they are quite flattering as they expose your collarbones. Try to avoid wide straps, the wider the strap the broader your shoulders appear. There are some people who think broad shoulders should go for wider strap as it will cover a larger proportion of the shoulders. If you have bulky shoulders, you may try the wider strap, no two shoulders are the same, it might just look good on you.

halter neckline is another good choice as they tend to make the shoulders appear narrower.


avoid tops with big collars or large collars with out-sized lapels like Sailor collars, it will broaden your shoulders.

stay away from Turtle-necks and Polo-necks.

clothing that reveals your shoulders and collarbone are best, collarless jackets and shirts are other options, these styles will make your shoulders look sexy.


avoid tops with sleeve such as cap sleeve, puffy sleeve, ruffled sleeve, pleated sleeve or sleeve with lot of details. They will present the impression of enlarging your shoulders.

sleeveless apparels that are cut in at the shoulder are best for you as they tend to cause the shoulder appear smaller.

make friend with raglan, kimono and dolman sleeves because they’ll help soften any sharp edges in your silhouette.

Waistline, if yours is small.

beware of the inverted triangle created by your shoulders and waist. Nipped-in and cinched waists will make your shoulders look bigger in comparison.

jackets that fall to the hip instead of the waist will add a bit to the waist line to balance your body shape.

avoid empire waistline which draw the attention to the bust and shoulders.

shirts that flare out at the waist is another good choice.

Hip, if yours is small.

wear clothing that subtly emphasizes your hips for added balance such as horizontal stripes skirt or pants which give you a widening effect.

clothing with some detailing and pockets at the hips will also help.

low waist belt is another option.

skirts that nip in at the waist and flair out will add dimension to your hip and create an hour glass look.


stay away from lighter, brighter color or prints for the tops because light colors will add visual width to your upper torso, they should be use for the lower body.

for the best result in shoulder narrowing, go for tops with vertical stripes or dark color as they tents to make your upper torso appear smaller.

avoid detail work such as beading around the neck or shoulder area, this will add volume and attract attention.


avoid large designs on your tops because that will create a wider upper body.

stay away from tops with detailing such as frills, epaulettes and horizontal seam like yokes, pockets across the chest.

keep all those detailing at the lower body.


cardigan sweater or jacket, casually draped round the shoulders will make your shoulder look even broader so avoid it.

a stiff, heavier and structured material will add some volume to your shoulder region, so stay away, go for thin and soft fabrics.

silk fabric dresses look best as it impart smoothness to the silhouette.


avoid structured clothes like suit jackets and tailor-made shirts with nipped-in waistlines, it will produce a inverted triangular shape which make your upper torso looks bigger.

avoid Shift dress especially those with Boat neckline.

dress shirts that feature darts placed around the shoulders is another bad choice.

layering on the tops such as jacket or cardigan over tops is a no no cause it will add volume to your shoulders.

military style design is also another bad choice.

try skirt or dresses with wide bottom like A-Line as it produce a triangular silhouette at the lower body which balance off the your body shape.

wrap dresses can also soften broad shoulders and shift the focus away from the horizontal lines of your body.

avoid wearing clothes that are tighter around the neck and upper torso as it is unflattering to flash the actual line of the shoulders since these would emphasize the broadness. Instead go for floaty and breezy tops or something in between.

try wearing tops or dresses that are long as it give off the impression of a softer, longer, and leaner body.

fitted shirt with the top few buttons undone can also look great just like deep “V” neck.


put some accessories such as belts at the lower body to draw attention away from the shoulders.

avoid scarf over shoulders as it will produce a widening illusion.

if you have small waist and hip, avoid wearing waistline cinching belts or some other accessories that could make your waist appear smaller hence producing a broader shoulder. Go for something that will add a bit of mass to your waist is great way to create balance.

wearing choker can draw attention inwards


putting on high heels shoes will help gain height thus giving you a tall, lean and elongated silhouette making your body shape appear more balance.

growing your hair to elbow length and use it to cover your shoulder is another good idea.

avoid shoulder pads as you already have a natural one

avoid too much swimming, is only good for those with small shoulders.

walk with confidence, head up, stomach in, broad shoulders back.

small little trick when taking photo, to disguise broad shoulder, tilt your body slidely at an angle facing to the side but turn your face toward the camera.

you may check out fashion style of some broad shoulder celebrities like Jessica Biel, Cameron Diaz, Megan Fox, Charlize Theron, Sophia Bush and Angelina Jolie to get some idea.