With a high increase in accidents within building and constructing sites: It’s very essential and should be a priority to builders to always wear high visibility cloths when on building and construction sites to minimize these accidents.

Perceptibility should be a major factor to be considered in keeping workers across a diverse range of building and construction professions safe. For a majority of workers, reflective and high reflective clothing can create the difference in sensitive matters between life and death. Example of High Visibility clothing that are essential in the building and construction sites includes those brightly coloured jackets, vests, coats, overalls and trousers. These high visibility clothes are often stripped with reflective material for additional and more safety. The federal highway Administration has effected new rules and regulation on wearing high visibility clothes on building and construction sites.

Safety regulations and rules in the United States of America requires that all workers within a building and construction sites wear high visibility clothing that meets the Class 2 or 3 requirements(ANSI/SEA 107-2004). It’s an offence not to wear this safety clothes and hence subject to prosecution on any person not adhering to this regulation.

To reduce accidents in building and construction sites high visibility clothing should be worn. Building and construction managers should ensure that safety and safe working environment of workers in building sites is paramount.
Statistics point out that many accidents in the building and construction sites can be reduced if high visibility clothing should be adhered to. Worker’s visibility tend to be poor light conditions and particularly at night. However when workers wore high visibility and reflective cloths, their visibility is enhanced in these poor conditions.

An increase in use of highly reflective clothing by workers: The safer the working environment for all around the building site. A survey conducted by the international safety Equipment Association, found that accidents are more prone in building sites where workers didn’t wear safety high visibility clothes. When considering the best high visibility clothing to purchase for their workers, project managers should visit the Williamson-Dickie company.

The Williamson-Dickie company has an array of products that one can choose from. Its range of high visibility products are highly recommended by many building and construction sites project managers and emergency rescuers. For instance the company’s Class 1 Tri-colour high visibility vest is light with a perfect fit and a closures which are easy to adjust. Eve though workers are the beneficiaries of high visibility cloths, public agencies, project managers, site contractors and emergency rescuers will also benefit.

Reports from several researches have found out that, equipping their building and construction workers with safety and high visibility clothing, will avoid and reduce 66 building sires fatalities and a further 5,000 accidents annually. It also estimates that for every dollar spent on this high visibility safety clothing, 5 dollars in building sites accidents will be avoided. Contractors and project managers should ensure that the working environment is safe to the workers in all setting.