Anyone who loves alien-related cases could never forget the blockbuster film, The Fourth Kind in 2009. By all indications, the said film was a box office success, earning US$47.71 million worldwide, from only an estimated $10 million budget.

But in spite of its smashing success, The Fourth Kind also gained intense controversies as movie critics said it was a hoax, and not based on real life events as the makers claimed it was. Nevertheless hoax or not, the movie successfully highlighted how hypnotherapy SA can be an effective tool in helping problematic people especially those with sleep disorders.

The film shown in 2009 is a documentary science fiction-thriller depicting alien abductions said to happen in Nome, Alaska between the 1960s and 2004. But what’s in the title? Why The Fourth Kind? The title alone is very intriguing enough to entice moviegoers to flock to the cinemas.

Actually, it is just an expansion of the classification of close encounters with aliens as classified by J. Allen Hynek. The Fourth Kind denotes alien abductions. The movie is based on the theory that the case regarding the missing people is closely related to alien abductions.

In that case, what has Hypnotherapy Adelaide got to do with alien abduction? Here, a psychologist by the name of Dr. Abigail Emily “Abbey” Tyler portrayed by Milla Jovovich uses hypnosis to uncover memories from her patients allegedly victims of alien abduction.

This procedure finds evidence suggesting that she may have also been abducted. During clinical hypnotherapy sessions, she happens to stumble upon the ‘alien abduction’ link between her patients. Anyone who sees the movie will want to believe that it’s the real thing since it has scenes showing the -actual- and dramatised footage presented alongside each other in split-screen. The ‘footage’ shows the hypnotherapy sessions between Tyler, the psychologist and patients who claimed they were abducted. The production department boasts it is an -archival footage’ of the -most disturbing evidence of alien abduction ever documented.’ Naturally, this aroused the suspicion of many movie critics.

Truth is, the FBI made its own investigation in 2005 about the series of unsolved disappearances and deaths in Nome. There were a total of 20 people who either died mysteriously or vanished from 1960 to 2004. Finally in 2006, they sent out their conclusion that excessive consumption of alcohol, coupled with a harsh winter climate was the culprit.

But whether the movie was real or fake is not the bone of contention here. The filmmaker’s intention of depicting hypnotherapy as a tool for helping problematic people was justified. The process has been known to heal a wide variety of conditions. Even the medical field has corroborated the effectiveness of hypnotherapy weight loss Adelaide.

Furthermore, people having problems with emotional eating that lead to obesity have started to come out in the open, testifying how the procedure has helped in trimming down unwanted pounds. Additionally, they claim to having their self-dignity restored and feeling good about themselves when they were wearing reduced clothing size.

Hypnotherapy using the power of hypnosis is not only effective in weight management but also has been proven to effectively treat medical conditions. These include skin problems, digestive disorders, pain, headaches, migraines and many more.

Even people addicted to nicotine and tobacco still have hope for change if they opt to undergo quit smoking hypnotherapy Adelaide. But one has to remember that these therapeutic benefits can only be availed through clinical or medical hypnosis. Such is practiced by professionals trained in medicine, psychology, social work, counselling, nursing, and even dentistry. One shouldn’t confuse this with Stage hypnosis, as this is intended only for entertainment.