A brand new name in Mens clothing sector is Pretty Green clothing. Oasis legend Liam Gallagher has entered the world of fashion and designing through this latest collection of Mens designer clothing range. The Pretty Green clothing range includes T-shirts, jumpers, jackets, and hats. It is a new entry in the fashion clothing market, introduced as ‘limited edition’ pieces of clothing. Each piece is unique and defines Liam’s personal taste in fashion. He has designed clothes he would be proud to wear himself, thus giving it an exclusive feel and style.

Modern Style Of Clothes

The very rare pretty green Parka #1 aims to capture the designer’s mod style which is very striking. This Parka is size-free and suits both men and women. They are hand dyed to create a vintage look. Liam is against skin-tight fitting jeans. Thus, the designs are comfortable, striking, and stylish but not too garish. The range of Pretty Green clothing has been introduced in its first season as an exclusive online brand. These clothes are available on the Pretty Green website and 30 select stockists in the UK. The response for the first season online has been very good and Liam is hopeful that this brand is going to stay around for long.

Some Known Names In Mens Clothing

A very established brand for Mens clothing is Lacoste clothing. As you may know, the Lacoste brand was found by French player Rene Lacoste, the tennis champion of 1930s. Initially, the brand started off with polo shirts. Now the clothing range includes shirts, jeans, suitings, knitwear, and accessories. Lacoste was nicknamed “the Crocodile” and thus the brand got the logo of a crocodile.

Lacoste clothing has extended to women and kids wear too. The women clothing line has jeans, Polo shirts, tops, dresses, sweaters, shorts, skirts, and swim-wear. Kids wear has kids pants, jeans, skirts, dresses, tops, shoes, and polo shirts. Watches, shoes, hats and caps, sunglasses, bags, belts, etc. are some of the accessories offered by the Lacoste brand.

In the online stores, you would find another brand of Mens clothing: The Barbour clothing line. It has a range of suits, jackets, shirts, and T shirts. Barbour jackets are designed on the borders of Scotland and north east England. They are known for their quality and exceptional durability. These jackets become a fashion statement and part of lifestyle for those who design it and those who wear it.

Humor clothing is a different, young, and hip Mens designer clothing brand. Unusual color and design combinations are used to produce exceptional pieces of clothing. ‘Cyberfashion’ brand that is what Humor clothing range is known as. For those interested in young fashion and in getting a very trendy look, Humor jeans, shirts, T-shirts, and jackets provide just that for you.

Men’s designer clothing has got many brand names that spell stylish clothes for all occasions. These brands include Lacoste clothing, humor clothing, Pretty Green clothing, and many others. Jeans, T-shirts, Polo shirts, and shirts come in varied styles to suit everyone; and these are available on online stores too.