Have you contributed to a 401K ? That may be up to 10% of your income, depending on your salary. Experts say you should spend between 3 and 10% of your salary on your wardrobe! Thus, your wardrobe is an asset and should be managed; otherwise you are losing money on your investment! Now that you understand the importance of your investment, let’s discuss the impact it has on your life.

People look at you and make judgments for themselves your about your financial status, capability, credit worthiness, age and more. 93% of the judgments people make about you are based on your visual appearance.

Now we need to learn about ourselves to be able to make the best choices possible for our images. To make the best choices we need to determine our body type. We have several types to choose from, rectangular, oval, hourglass, triangle, and inverted triangle. We start by evaluating the shoulders, waist and hips and their proportion to each other.

If your shoulders and hips are the same size with no real waist definition you are a rectangle. If your shoulders and your hips are the same size but your waist is wider than both your hips and shoulders, then you are oval. If your shoulders and hips are the same size but you have a distinctive waistline, you are an hourglass. If your shoulders are larger than your hips, you are a triangle. If your shoulders are smaller than your hips, you are an inverted triangle. To get this right, it may help you to have an impartial observer check your measurements and give their opinion. I had a client describe herself to me and she was not quite accurate, we all know how hard we can be on ourselves, so a second opinion is a great idea.

Of course your shape may change over your lifetime causing you to have to do a reevaluation periodically.

If you are managing your wardrobe asset you:

1.Only wear clothing that fits you properly

2.Have a closet of clothes that fit the shape you are right now, not the shape you had four years ago

3.Have organized your closet so you know exactly what is in it

4.Don’t have some many garments and shoes that you buy the same thing that already exists in your closet

5.Can see exactly what you have in your closet

6.Know how to mix and match your clothes to create new outfits

7.Can get dressed in a hurry if necessary

8.Have the perfect outfit for the date, or job interview of your dreams

If you are not doing all of the above, there is room for improvement in your management of your wardrobe asset. Please see or call me as soon as possible, in this economy we can’t afford to lose more money than we already have in the market. We want to maximize the return on your investment (ROI) on your wardrobe!

Jeanine D. Rozier MBA, AICI FLC

JDR Image Consulting


Invest In Yourself, Design Your Future

AICI Washington DC Metro Area Chapter

President (2009/2010)

Chapter Member of the Year (2009)