Fur is the hair of the animals, especially mammals, which works as a protection against harshest climatic conditions in Polar Regions and colder climates. This is called a coat of an animal. This fur is very much warm in its nature and is used for various reasons by human beings. People living on Polar Regions mostly use fur clothing to protect themselves from harsh climatic conditions. This cover offers them a protection like that of animals with fur on their body. For that matter, fur is the first material used for clothing by the Stone Age man.

Various animals such as dog, deer, bear, rabbit, cat are used for their naturally warm and durable fur. Fur is still worn in most mild and cool climates around the world due to its superior warmth and durability. It is also sometimes associated with style and lavish spending, although a number of consumers and designers reject fur due to moral beliefs and perceived cruelty to animals. In most of the countries elite class people opt for fur clothing as the fur is associated with glamour and glitz. Wearing fur is style which never gets out of fashion. Many traditions lay emphasis on wearing this coat of animals. But due increased awareness on animal cruelty, many designers refrain themselves from using real fur, instead they use fake or faux fur, which looks similar to natural fur and is also similarly durable requiring less maintenance.

Fur has to be processed before being used in the garments and other accessories. It is processed, then dyed and then trimmed as per requirement. Articles made from fur look gorgeous and are very much durable. But they require high standards of maintenance.

There are many agencies which specialize in maintaining fur articles. Like woolies, even fur attracts lots of dust particles and requires expert cleaning at least once a year. NYC Fur cleaning offers latest technology in cleaning and maintaining the fur. Our website has many tips and suggestions for people to take advantage and learn to store and take primary care of their fur garments. NYC fur buyers have a reason to rejoice as the sale of fur garments at lowest ever prices is still on. So grab your own piece at earliest, before it’s too late!