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How Women’s Clothing Has Evolved Through Time

Women’s clothing has evolved through the years. Nowadays, if you take just one single glimpse away from the magazines and fashion shows, you will find that things have already changed. How trends are determined is still unclear, but if you travel back in time to study how women used to dress, you will realise that some designers derive inspiration from fashion in the past. In order to gain a better understanding about how women dress, and how modern designers come up with their ideas, you might want to learn about the history of women’s clothing.

Right from the moment that God banished Adam and Eve, He gave them garments to cover themselves with. These garments eventually evolved into what we now properly refer to as tunics, and throughout the biblical years, men and women basically dressed the same way; in garments that extended down to their knees.

It was not until the fifteenth century, that it took a different turn. During those years, women were seen wearing long gowns with sleeves, and these were worn over a chemise that covered their skin. It was also during this period that the corset was introduced. Women back then had to have very slim waists and so they wore corsets under their gowns to hold their figures.
During the 1700s, still donning gowns, women from this era wore petticoats that were worn to open the skirts like a flower in bloom.

If you could travel back in time, you will find yourself browsing through the early years and then slowing down towards the 1900s, where women’s fashion will suddenly become more familiar. Many of the styles of the clothes in these years, are still seen in the clothes today. In this era, women encountered lingerie dresses, which are basically day dresses made of cotton or linen. These are heavily laced and preferred by women during warm weather. Tailored clothing also made an entrance during these times, and they basically looked like men’s shirts with high collars and were used during work, as a uniform. The term ‘haute couture’ also made its debut in these years, as well as form-fitting high gowns with high waists, long tunic-like jackets, straight-line corsets, and ankle-length skirts. Gone are the petticoats and tight-fitting corsets, women of these years appreciated straight silhouettes with very minimal bust, waist, and hips.

Fashion was incredibly modernised by the year 1920s. After WWI fashion, especially in the US and Europe, became less conservative and slightly more boyish. The skirts had pleats, were shorter, and as the corset was slowly disappearing from the scene, women preferred the more flattening style.

The year 1950 was the year of the poodle skirts. As this was the decade of swing, these skirts became really popular. Another skirt type that became rather popular, were the pencil-type skirts. These skirts were narrow and quite sexy, and women of those years just loved them.

In the 1960s women’s clothing became even more diverse and it was during these years when fashion trends gained momentum. In the early 1960s, pastels, geometric shapes, and big buttons became really popular.

The 1980s fashion was the most diverse. Women of these times could dress as a Valley girl, which is basically the preppy look of flared skirts and leg warmers, or they may have supported the ‘New Wave’ fashion, that consisted of leggings and jackets, that also appeared to look like pirate clothing.

In recent years, fashion can no longer be considered ‘new’, but rather, inspirations of past fashion trends. We have seen the 20s, the 50s, as well the 80s, being resurrected in the fashion world and while they all look quite different, you will see that they are mostly just a finer or more modernised version of the old trend. They are new. They are fresh and up to date, but are really more or less the same.

Top Mma Clothing Labels

As MMA or Mixed Martial Arts grows more and more popular in the sporting industry around the world, many new brands of MMA clothing lines are continuously introduced in the market to sate the growing demands for MMA merchandize as well as to take advantage of the growing popularity of the sport to gain more success in their own industries.

Popular MMA Brands in the Market
Some of the most popular brands of MMA clothing lines in the market today include:

Considered as the top brand of MMA clothing line in the market, Tapout had become one of the most successful provider of authentic MMA merchandize and inspired clothing lines. Other than clothing lines, Tapout had also expanded to publish its own magazine under the same label which focuses on martial arts and other information in the MMA industry.

Bad Boy
One of the most popular brands of MMA clothing lines that originated in Brazil, Bad Boy was believed to have popularized and introduced MMA in the country. Today, Bad Boy is considered as one of the top brands of authentic MMA clothing lines in the market. Start your own wholesale mixed martial arts clothing business with

Cage Fighter
Cage Fighter is a clothing line marketed under MMA Authentics that became very popular in the US as a provider of authentic MMA clothing lines. Like many popular brands of MMA clothing lines, Cage Fighter had been continuously seen in many bouts and worn by many highly recognized MMA superstars such as World Lightweight Champion, BJ Penn, Pride Middleweight Champion, Dan Henderson, former UFC Light Heavyweight Champion, Chuck The Iceman Liddell, and WEC Champion Urijah Faber.

Hitman Fighter Gear
Another one of the most popular brands of MMA clothing lines, Hitman Fighter Gear offers some of the widest collection of MMA merchandize from clothing lines to gloves and other popular MMA merchandize. Start your own wholesale mixed martial arts clothing business with

One of the best brands of MMA clothing lines that not only specializes in combat shorts and shirts that contenders normally wear, but also in many popular protective gears from shin guards and gloves. Like Bad Boy, FightCo also originated from Brazil which catered to Jiu Jitsu fighters.

UFC Clothing
The popular organization that brought MMA in the US mainstream, UFC or the Ultimate Fighting Championship had also released their own brand of MMA clothing line which had also expanded to offer other MMA merchandize, such as a simple can hugger.

Kimura Wear
Another one of the most popular brands of MMA clothing line in the market, Kimura Wear was first a popular brand in Canada before MMA was introduced in the US. Positioned as Canadas number of MMA clothing brand, it competes directly with one of US top MMA brand, which is Tapout. Start your own wholesale mixed martial arts clothing business with For more information you may visit to our site at

Cheap Good Quality Clothing China MMA Fighting And Protective Gear

MMA Fighting And Protective Gear

It was only in 1993 that Mixed Martial Arts competitions were introduced in the US through the first Ultimate Fighting Champion, but today it has become a very popular sport. MMA is amazing both for the spectators and the Cheap Good Quality Clothing China actual participants. Those who wish to fight in the arena need months to years of intense training. During trainings and fights, MMA gear are a must. Examples of MMA equipment include, but are not limited to, mouth guards, gloves, and sparring equipment. There are several types of shorts approved for MMA competitions, from board Cheap Brand Hat China shorts with knee splits, to vale tudo shorts, and kick-boxing shorts. Shorts are amongst the most notable MMA equipment because they govern how a player will perform in a fight. Comfort is key in the choice of sports as this allows a fighter to be more agile. On the other hand, stiff and tight shorts hamper movement and take away a significant amount of strength from a player’s game. No MMA contestant is allowed to fight without a mouth guard because this MMA gear helps reduce the likelihood of dental trauma. MMA fighters can choose between single layer and double layer mouth guards. Single Cheap Mens Clothing China layers are the more common variant and they only conform to the upper row of teeth. It facilitates breathing and is more commonly used in the industry as compared to other mouth guards. Even though double layer mouth guards can be less comfortable than single layer models, the former is still good in the sense that it is more effective at protecting you from getting knocked out or getting dental trauma. An mouth guard has to be made specifically for the fighter. Diverting one’s attention to the MMA gloves, they can prove to be extremely critical. MMA gloves are not as thick as conventional boxing gloves which makes them effective against cuts while still allowing their wearers to punch with more force. These gloves do not have a thumb and are made keeping in mind that fighters will need to grip each other on the ground. This piece of MMAGEAR has to be tested before a fight, to make sure that they fit properly and that the fists can close tightly. MMA equipment used for practicing includes sparring gear. Focus mitts, shin pads, chest pads, punching bags, skipping ropes, medicine balls and kettle weights are the main nominees of this genre. Focus mitts and Thai pads are padded targets attached to a glove and used when practicing punches and kicks, respectively. A partner wears these pads and shouts at the player as to Cheap 2012 Hot Sale T Shirts China what he has to do and in turn the player hits these mitts. Making use of mitts and kicking shields in practice allow a fighter to improve his punching and kicking techniques by knowing where to set his or her hands and feet, as well as how to time his movements. Protective covering for the shin, groin, and chest are also very useful during sparring sessions. MMA practitioners have to wear them to lessen the risk of injury to these body parts. Punching bags, on the other hand, increase stamina, speed, power and agility. A player can brutally hit a punching bag and correct angles of his punches or kicks. .

Hip Hop Urban Clothing From Head To Toe

Hip Hop urban Clothing from Head to toe

It is a known fact that Hollywood fashion is expensive and only people with deep pockets who visit the High Street stores can afford to buy it. This concept is slowly being proved wrong as hip hop urban clothing is easily available for the masses. There are many online stores which have brought Hollywood fashion right to the doorstep of the masses. Hip Hop Honeys can buy great Timberland Boots sitting in the comfort of their homes. Youngsters nowadays are always trying to find trendy clothing worn by Hollywood stars. However, there was a huge gap that was never fulfilled. Sensing this market opportunity many online stores have cropped up which bring these fashion lines to the masses.

Timberland boots to Ed Hardy Clothing all high-end products are now available online. The products are all available at a price which are affordable for the common people. An Ed Hardy Women’s shirt can cost around $65 which is in-line with any other high end clothing available in the stores. The best part is you do not have to step out of your house to buy the clothes. You can simply order the clothes and pay it online which makes shopping much more simpler. The demand for urban clothing is on the rise and sensing this opportunity many online stores have opened shops in recent times. Hollywood also appreciates this fact, because the clothes are not only confined in US & Europe. Sitting in Asia a person can order a Timberland boot straight from the Hollywood studios which was not available earlier.

All these stores have built up a very robust distribution system which makes it easier for them to seamlessly conduct their business. Within the US shipping is sometimes free for customers but outside the US customers are charged a certain amount for delivery. Now let us check out some of the other products that are available. Timberland boots are available for as low as $90 in some of the Hollywood stores. This makes it an interesting proposition for many people to buy these clothes. It is suggested that one should check out the wide range of Hip hop Clothing that is available before choosing any one. Spending sometime and checking out the different products will help to get a great deal. The range does not stop with Ed Hardy lines or Timberland boots. If someone is looking for Hip Hop Honeys the same is available also.

With so much to look forward to, people can expect the best of Hip Hop urban clothing in their wardrobes. The best part is that almost all online stores, keep churning their range very often and sometimes they give huge discounts on clothes which get piled up in stores. Discounts are also given during the holiday season. As a result, shoppers can find the best clothes at discounted rates. I was looking for some urban clothing online when I discovered the gold mines. It is time that you can also look around and find some high-end hip hop clothing that suits you.

New Fashion Trends With Cheap Asian Clothing

There is no doubt that demand for Wholesale Asian clothing is rising exponentially. Westerners are aping the clothes designed by top Asian designers as they find them trendy and of good quality. Cheap Asian clothing are fashionable and since the 80s Japanese and Korean designers have excelled in trendy designer wear that make them popular and sought after globally. The Asian market industry has matured over the years and they are now able to manufacture fabrics and styles that differ from the traditional western styles.

Though the economic crisis continues to affect the US economy, the Asian markets are able to grow and expand as they continue to manufacture consumer and retail products. There is a marked growth of online companies that are able to meet the demands and improve their profits with wholesale Asian clothing.

The internet is a great place to find out information on any topic. People can check out brand names and designer outlets to find clothing of their choice. Dressing up is a very personal matter and each one has their own style and flair for dressing. Many fashionistas start a new trend by coming out with their own designer wear while others ape some models and celebrities that they particularly like. Once you select the website of your choice, you can spend hours poring over their catalogs and photos to make the best selection. Clothes are available at these online stores that are used by models on the catwalk as also vintage wear. It is possible to select clothes with the click of a button and expect them to be delivered as promised within the time frame stipulated.

Accessories are also sold at many shops that cater to men, women and children. Handbags and shoes come in various materials, styles, colors and designs. Customers can browse through the selections and make a choice according to the money they wish to splurge on these items. Some people wish to wait for the opportune moment when prices are discounted and purchase cheap Asian clothing. Wrist-watches are also sold at some clothing outlets online. They range from designer brands to every day office wear brands which are functional and easily affordable. People have the option of checking out jewelry at these stores as well.

Online clothing stores offer lingerie, swim-wear, leather jackets, windcheaters and casual wear to suit any size. It is possible to find online plus stores that cater to people who cannot fit into regular size clothing. These types of options prove useful to people who do not like to waste time commuting. The choices are affordable and they can select the style and color of their choice by looking at the descriptions and photos.

Before ordering at any clothing store, it is essential to read their terms and conditions as each store may have a different policy on shipping and other payment terms. It is better to check out reviews and find out if the shop is reliable and prompt in delivery. Some of them may offer a customer line to help answer queries.

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