Learning ways to become more self-disciplined has a lot of advantages. It can help you succeed at work, help you reach personal goals and effect the way you live your life in general. Many people have things that they would like to accomplish but are not disciplined enough to follow through with them, there are several techniques that can help to achieve the ultimate self-discipline.

It may sound odd, but taking up a new program like karate or joining a yoga class can actually help to increase self-discipline. The patience and time needed to be able to do yoga and learn the poses increases self-discipline skills that can be forwarded on to other aspects of life. And the discipline skills learned through karate classes can also have an impact on the way you think.

Self-discipline also involves creating plans to work by. For example making up some short term goals and long term goals can help you stay focused and reach your goals, because you have visually mapped them out. The plans should also include steps to achieve them. Write down outside sources that may help if needed, for example if you want to lose weight, you could write down steps that include the sources you might outreach to, such as a support group or fitness trainer.

Staying disciplined enough to finish goals could also take some self-rewards. Rewards work for kids so there is no reason why they shouldn`t work for adults too! There is nothing wrong with giving ourselves rewards for things we do as well. For example if cleaning your house brings you down, make a pact with yourself that when you`re done, you spoil yourself with an ice-cream or a new piece of clothing. It may sound silly, but sometimes rewards work and can help justify getting something or buying something new. You can tell yourself, I wouldn`t be buying this leather coat if it wasn`t for the fact that I finally painted the deck! Giving yourself a pat on the back is great for staying disciplined on future projects.

Staying organized and learning ways to be organized are key elements in staying disciplined. At work there is nothing beneficial to being unorganized. People who are organized are more likely to get promotions and stay noticed with coworkers and bosses. If you need to, buy a good agenda, new calendars, pads of paper and new pens. Being organized involves, taking lots of notes, writing everything down, filing things quickly and keeping up to date on projects. Keeping notes, papers and your desk clean will help you to keep organized as well.

Time management`s skills are important when staying disciplined. The worst thing you can do is set yourself up for failure. Don`t tell yourself that you can finish a project in one hour if you can`t, or don`t say that you can paint your house in one weekend if you might not. Because when your own personal deadlines fail, you might feel like your let yourself down. And that might hinder your future plans as you do not have the confidence to follow through.

Instead really plan out your projects and give short step by step time lines. For example you could say that in a day you would like to have the kitchen painted and then another two days for the living room. As you cross out your painting projects you will be achieving your goals and staying on task that is a sure way to keep motivated and stay disciplined to finish the project.

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Roberto Sedycias works as IT consultant for Polomercantil