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It’s no secret that the typical American male is obsessed with women’s breasts. But that’s nothing compared to the fixation exhibited by crossdressing males! For crossdressers, womanly breasts – or in most cases, silicone breast forms – are the key to achieving the feminine silhouette.te.

Fortunately, great strides have been made in the area of breast form design. Today, breast forms come in a variety of styles and state-of-the-art materials – a far cry from the truly astonishing items that novice dressers have used over the years – from balled-up socks and stockings, to bags of rice or birdseed, to melons, grapefruit, and Nerf balls!

When the novice becomes more serious, there’s nothing like a professionally designed pair of breast forms. According to Tyler DeSouza, lead designer at The Crossdressing Breast Form Store, -Today’s forms look like the real thing, feel like the real thing, and even move like the real thing.-

The Crossdressing Breast Form Store (at offers everything from Le Petite Breast Enhancers and Projected Nipples to Ultra Large DDD Breast Forms – and everything in between. Styles include Self Adhering Perfect Fit Breast Forms, Realistic Open Breast Bras with Silicone Forms and the new Perky Breast Bra with Clear Straps.

DeSouza adds that the Crossdressing Breast Form Store offers only forms made with 100% Medical Silicone. -Many other online suppliers sell lower quality and much lower priced silicone breast forms,- he says. -However skin reactions can occur from wearing non-medical grade silicone products and can be quite itchy and can possibly cause lingering rashes.-

The wide-ranging product line from the CBFS also includes realistic nipples (as opposed to the oddly colored nipples on inferior quality forms), classic oval and triangle perfect fit forms, and revolutionary safe self adhesive glue tack products.

-Once you’ve picked out the perfect breast forms,- says DeSouza, -then you can move on to exciting intimate apparel like crossdressing lingerie panties for men, corsets, and sexy teddies.

One of the more exciting innovations in feminizing attire is the sheer cup pocket bra. These bras for breastforms offer a soft stretchable premium quality fabric that holds the breastforms in place – so that the forms fall naturally like real breasts. The Crossdressing Breast Form Store also offers several all-inclusive breast form kits – including corset, breast forms, gaff and pocket bra. The kit collections are centered around everything from leather, pvc, and satin corsets to a specially designed chemise with a built-in pocket bra.

When young women express their sexuality and sensuality for the first time, there’s nothing quite like the thrill of slipping into that first pair of sexy panties or seductive lacy lingerie sets. And the experience is much the same for crossdressing men. The Crossdressing Breast Form Store offers stylish and sexy body shapers, corsets, garter belts for men, petticoats, and of course, panties for men in a variety of styles and materials. The lingerie sets include gorgeous babydolls, teddies, teddiettes, chemises, minidresses and playskirts.

Panties for men are offered in styles ranging from flirty ruffled panties and daring lace panties to exotic snakeskin panties and sassy fantasy skirts with built in panties!

After many years in the business of providing stylish women’s clothing for men, Tyler DeSouza has seen many changes in the product lines, but also in the crossdressing men.

We are the 1 and only crossdresser store that truly results in and manufactures pretty much all of our distinctive things so that you are assured a excellent in shape – and do not have to return objects more than and above. As opposed to other on the internet outlets, we Basically design and style and manufacture our designs

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