Every corner of the world seems to have some form of beekeeping taking place. The reason for this is really simple the worldwide demand for honey is quite high and therefore the beekeepers have to be just as many. Each of these beekeepers, no matter how experienced, will agree that there are certain items without which beekeeping can be a real nightmare. One of the important items is the beekeeping clothing. There are 3 important tips that each beekeeper must never forget when it comes to the beekeeping clothing.

1. Beekeeping Clothing is important is because its a way of safeguarding oneself from the bee stings

Every beekeeper will confess that bee stings pause a very huge threat to the practice of beekeeping and it is the sole reason why many people look at beekeeping as a very dangerous activity. These same beekeepers will also testify to the fact that beekeeping clothing makes things very easy and one can practice beekeeping without a single worry about the bee stings. The clothing is designed to protect the body from attacks by the bees. The bees might attempt to attack but they will not get anywhere near a persons actually body since the clothing offers some form of protection for the body.

2. There are certain sensitive parts of the body that the clothing protects

It would be very nice if the beekeeping clothing were able to safeguard the entire body and protect it from the bee stings. As a matter of fact, there are several designs of the clothing that actually act as a shield for the whole body from bees. This particular design is worn to cover the entire body. However, there are certain sensitive parts of the body that the beekeeping clothing should protect. If it can not protect the entire body, it should protect the facial areas. This is simply because the face attracts the bees owing to the fact that the bees are pulled to a persons breath. Therefore it makes sense to protect the face more and this is why the attire has provision for a veil which acts as some form of shield for the face.

3. The beekeeping clothing usually protects in two ways

The beekeeping clothing is designed to protect the body from attacks by the bees but if broken down, the protection is offered to the upper parts and the lower parts. The upper parts include the facial areas and the head while the lower parts include the abdomen, the hands and chest. Therefore the clothing is designed to protect those two sections either offering one piece of clothing for each or one complete clothing to cover both the upper and lower parts.