The wholesale clothing market is probably the biggest of all wholesale markets. This is because it has the largest target customers. The major segments of wholesale clothing market offer garments for men, women and children that are further divided into sub-categories.

The womens and mens wholesale clothing is classified as designer clothes, formal wear and plus size clothing. Wholesale skirts, wholesale dresses and wholesale jeans are some of the best-selling wholesale clothes of all times. Wholesale clothing market covers a very large spectrum. It also includes niche segments such as maternity clothes. The wholesale market segment for children can be divided as per different age groups such as babies, toddlers, pre-teens and teens. Selecting which niche you want to deal in is very important while setting up a wholesale clothing business.

Most people assume the womens wholesale clothing segment to be the most profitable because women are more fashion conscious than men. However, you will be surprised to know that it is the childrens wholesale clothing market that is the most profitable. The apparel market for children is estimated to be worth about $20- $22 billion. This is because children tend to grow out of their clothes faster.

Wholesale clothing is very profitable to business owners as well as customers. Customers get to buy a wide range of high fashion designer clothing at very affordable rates. They dont have to wait for sales and offers to buy clothes at discounted rates. Wholesale stores in fact offer more discount (up to 80%) as compared to sales (usually up to 50%). The wholesale clothing market also operates online now. You can find several wholesale clothing stores on the Internet. The wholesale clothing market is growing at a tremendous rate and thus, providing opportunities for wholesale business owners to expand. Wholesale clothing market is the future of fashion clothing markets.