Bike riding apparel is an important equipment , but do you know jersey ? Whether you are wearing the brand’s first professional cycling clothing it ? Is not it will feel better than everyday wear or casual clothing sportswear some tension it ? Why is there such a feeling ? Is not choose the small size of it ? monton cycling jersey With these questions, let’s look at cycling clothing and other apparel differences:

Tight riding apparel
1 , bike riding cycling clothing is specially developed for the production of apparel categories.

2 , Fitting in riding dress , please you to simulate riding posture whether to feel comfortable riding apparel .

3 , the front piece jersey short , long after the film ; riding pants Frontal shallow, waist length , these are leaning riding position for special design .

4 , reducing wind resistance is one of the basic functions of cycling clothing , cycling clothing which requires to be close to the skin Slim dimensional cut , not like everyday or leisure sports apparel Which baggy jacket on the body . Meanwhile, three-dimensional design Slim cut stretch fabric itself will also use the muscles for movement to provide counterforce fixed , to some extent, to protect muscles from injury in the cycling sport .colnago cycling jersey

5 , while riding apparel is close to the skin, but functional fabric with excellent moisture wicking function, riding , riders can still maintain the body dry state. e.